Sunday, May 24, 2009

Top 10 songs that don't suck

Wow. I haven't posted in 2 months and so much has changed! I sort of forgot about blogging so I figure I should get on it. I usually go for a theme but not this post. These are my list of 10 songs that don't suck. I'm out of my country kick and sort of moving on to more dance/hip hoppy stuff. I think it's because of the gym and this awesome summer weather that is finally here. But don't fret, it's not all hip hop. :)

Boom Boom Pow- Black Eyed Peas- I didn't really like this song when I first heard it but it's growing on me. You just HAVE to listen to this song loud.

I Know You Want Me- Pitbull- I don't know what it is about this man but every song of his makes me want to shake my ass. I love it.

Stay- Safetysuit- I think these guys will be my new favorite band. I have been listening to some of their stuff and have loved every song I've heard. The Moment is another good song. "And I don't understand what happened between you and me but you will probably end up with someone half as good as me so..."

Walk Like A Gentleman- Eye Alaska- LOVE LOVE LOVE this band! I love his voice, I love the music, I love the lyrics. Just love them. They are coming to Salt Lake June 6th AND the 26th and I can't wait! I'm pretty sure I'll be the oldest one there but I don't even care. Their new album comes out July 7th.

I Knew You'd Never Fly- Eye Alaska- Just to show you how much in love with this band I am, 20% of this post is about them. Ha.

Jungle Drum- Emiliana Torrini- Candace and I found this little gem of a song while we were shopping last weekend and I just love it. It's catchy, happy, and adorable. It makes me happy.

Frontier City- Kings of Leon- I wasn't even aware that this song existed on the Only By The Night album until I happened to burn it for a friend and I can (almost) say it's my favorite song on the album. I say almost because I truly can't pick a favorite. The video is pretty cool too.

I Get It In- 50 Cent- Caution- Causes automatic head bobbing.

She Is Love- Parachute- This song is just tender and I love it. I'm a sucker for a man that can sing and play guitar. I'm also a hopeless romantic so I hope that I can be this for someone someday. :)

Say Hey- Michael Franti & Spearhead- This song just makes me feel good!

Also I just wanted to tell you guys about Last Friday, I got to co-host a radio show with my good friend Josh Wells and it was the most fun I've had! I filled out a volunteer application so hopefully I'll get to host some more shows in the near future! Listen to Josh and Matty on Friday nights 9:00-10:30. Don't worry, they archive everything so you can listen for up to two weeks after the broadcast.