Saturday, January 30, 2010

My name is Heather and I'm crazy....I'm half way there!

How did I spend my Saturday you ask? By taking the potential man-of-my-dreams that I just met on Saturday to the airport so he can go learn Spanish for the next six months(SIX MONTHS!!!!), watch my poor sick puppy drool all over himself, and reading the above pictured book.

Have you ever read the blog Dooce? If you haven't (which most peeps in Utah have) I highly recommend that you do so. She is hilarious!! I finished her book today and I just have to say that I love Heather Armstrong. I love her humor and her crassness. I love that while she is well aware of her family's level of religion and political views, she doesn't hold back in making hers that differ from theirs known. She doesn't filter herself and I love that quality about her. Maybe it's because I can totally relate. As much as I do respect my family and my Mom's dis-taste for tattoos and Lady Gaga, I can't really hold back on the fact that I have tattoos and listen to Lady Gaga...except for that god awful song about a Bad Romance. BARF!!!

I also love that she is utterly and undoubtedly still IN LOVE with her husband. That to me is so refreshing. Maybe because I don't really see it that much nowadays. It's usually couples who are struggling but are only staying together for the kids or like my Dad, only staying in it because he "will never go through a divorce again." The fact that they are still so in love gives me hope. Hope that one day, I will find my Jon (don't confuse this with a prostitutes "John"...ha!) who will put up with my crazy fits over nothing, love that I'm a little left of center and not your traditional girl, love that me and my Mom and sister probably have the most twisted sense of humor, and love that I love everything domestic...except dishes and ironing.

I do have to say that I've been pretty humbled this week. I'm not even sure that humbled is the right word but it's the closest to the right word that comes to mind right now. I met a guy.....a guy that's got his shit together. Masters degree from Westminster, a car, a house that came out of a Pottery Barn catalog, he's funny, out-going, a perfect gentleman, is going to be a teacher, did I mention the house out of a Pottery Barn catalog? What could be wrong with this guy you ask? He moved to Chile for SIX MONTHS to become fluent in Spanish. Hello, Rosetta Stone!!! I don't know why he couldn't move to West Valley and save all that time and money but whatever. I guess he's just the over-achieving type. But the great thing is that I'm moving in the right direction. Finally meeting guys that do have it together and not little rescue cases that I so much love to attract and nurse. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a train!

My name is Heather, I enjoy adult beverages (Tequila by The Champs JUST came on my I-tunes, I am not even shitting you) and I'm crazy...half way to being Heather Armstrong. Now to find my Jon. Ha!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Look at this fu$#@*g hipster....

Kylee: Shut the front door.

Me: Is that Mormon for shut the fuck up?

Kylee: Yep!

Me: Ha.Chrizzle.

Kylee: Is that Snoop for Christ?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What I've been listening to lately.....

....I love these posts. :)

As I was making a list of the songs I wanted to list in today's post, I noticed they were all upbeat and happy (for the most part) songs. I think it's because of this damn depressing winter. I'm so ready for spring and summer that I almost can't stand it. If I didn't have a few extra lbs to work off until summer, I'd be packing up and moving to somewhere warm for the next three months. Since I'm forced to live in reality, I'll listen to happy music to uplift my spirits. Hope you enjoy.

Adrianne- Sad Luck

Stef recently came over and we swapped I-tunes. She told me that she could "totally see me screaming this song in my kitchen". Traci agreed to join in. It's sort of my anthem for the past year and some change. It's taken some work but...I've finally...burned his underwear? Ha!

As Tall As Lions- Milk & Honey

One of the biggest joys of Christmas this year, aside from spending it with family and friends, is the fact that Kylee and I got laptops and I-tunes. Kylee is a BAMF when it comes to showing me new and awesome music that I usually end up falling in love with. As Tall As Lions is one of those bands. I haven't heard their latest album but did get their self-titled album from way back when and I can honestly say I love every song on it. Other faves aside from Milk & Honey are Love, Love, Love (Love, Love)(how redundant is THAT title?!), Maybe I'm Just Tired, and Stab City. I want to punch myself in the neck for missing these guys when they opened for MINUS THE BEAR!! Double punch to the neck.

Empire Of The Sun- Walking On A Dream

If this song doesn't make you want to get up and dance or at least bob your head, check your pulse.

Paramore- Careful

Yeah, I've posted a lot of Paramore this last little bit. I listen to them as much as I post them, which is a lot. You get it. But this song has sort of hit close to home. The lyrics in this song totally relate to what I've been processing internally for the past month.

"You can't be too careful anymore
When all that is waiting for you
Won't come any closer
You've got to reach a little more"

I'm reaching.

And last and probably least, I'll say Owl City. I know, I know. Fireflies makes me want to jump out of the nearest window and hope that I don't survive the fall. The sound of those first 5 beats alone give me bitter beer face. But Stef asked me to give the album a try. I didn't really have an open mind at first but as I listened, I actually like it. It's very much like Mae or the Postal Service. Definitely not something I'd recommend to everyone but it's great for the gym or cleaning the house. Maybe it does sound like it should be on Comcast's Toddler Tunes channel but he's got some cute and clever lyrics. Suck it Matty!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So you’re scared and you’re thinking that maybe we ain’t that young anymore….

Today is my best friend and voice of reasons 27th birthday. I’ve spent the morning thinking about Stef and all of the things we’ve been through together. We’ve pretty much been through everything from Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake to Captain Morgan and (WAAAAAYY too much) Jager. We’ve gone from our small little hometown of Price all the way to the big and scary New York City together. We’ve been there through the most depressing of times to the happiest times together.

I’ve put together a couple of pictures and songs that are all things Stef as sort of a tribute to her.

For those of you who aren't Bruce Springsteen fans(Shame on you!), the title of this post is from the Boss' song "Thunder Road". Stef and I are both turning 27 this year and having a hard time for some reason. BUT we will be positive about it. 27 is the new 17? Ew. Maybe not.

Besides you being a Yankees fan, I’m so lucky that you are in my life Stefanie and I’m looking forward to see what these next 27 years bring us and the places it will take us.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Yo Kanye

I'm really happy for you and Im'ma let you finish but Bon Iver's "Woods" has some of the best vocal effects of all time!

That is all.