Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time is on my Side

I always pictured myself having a big house with an indoor pool and surround speakers solely for floating and listening to this song while gazing up at the sky. My indoor pool has a glass ceiling, ok?


In the meantime, we are finally all settled into our house, except for hanging anything on the walls. Whatever genius built this house decided that it was a good idea to have all the walls made of concrete/plaster. Granted, it was built in 1949. You'd think that it would be an excellent idea to prevent sound from going from room to room but then they put hardwood floors throughout so I'm basically living inside a snare drum. I can literally hear a key when it is slid into the front door.  [insert Dane Cook's bit about cheating here]

This neighborhood is one that I never imagined I'd be able to afford to live in. I'm close to the freeway, South Congress, downtown Austin, basically anywhere you'd want to be. The houses in this neighborhood are A-Maze-Ing. I went running last week and literally got lost because I was too busy looking at all the awesome houses instead of paying attention to where I was going. I'm dying for any time anybody asks where we live. I can't wait to casually blurt out Travis Heights. Yeah, pinkies up.

Something about this house makes me feel like I live in California. I think it might be the 1950's feel of it. Could be the giant cactus growing in the front yard. I haven't quite decided but I can say that it has made me love living here even more. I've always, always, always wanted to live in California and I'm a bit pissed off at myself for never doing it.

More and more SLC peeps are moving here, however, and it's making the place feel a bit more like home. I love being able to have that common denominator with people and still be able to be sort of a tour guide and have that "in" here in Austin. I've told a few people that I'm wanting to move back this year so now of course, I have everybody asking if it's true. I'm a little bit on the fence to be honest. I've made a life for myself here and a life that I actually love. I miss my friends and some of my family dearly but we can all commute to see one another, can't we? Before my heart was 70% SLC and 30% Austin but as more time goes by, more of that percentage is being given to Austin. I'd say we are almost to the 50/50 mark. Who knows....a few more months and maybe we'll be 70% Austin and 30% SLC. Time will only tell.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Muck Foving

I swear, I can't go a full year without moving at least once. I sort of feel restless if I don't. Hell, I sold my house after only living there for something like 15 months. We are moving this weekend and it's kind of bittersweet. I hate the actual act of moving but moving into almost 4 times the space we've been living in will make it all worth it. Boyf and I have been living in my 376 square foot apartment and it has definitely taken it's toll, especially since I also work here. We are going from 376 square foot studio apartment to a 1200 square foot house. I can totally see myself just wandering aimlessly throughout the house in complete shock for the first few hours of moving in. Maybe I'll run laps from the kitchen through the dining room to living room. Who knows.

There are stacks of boxes and furniture in every single corner of this place. It's literally something out of an episode of Hoarders, minus the 1,743 cats/cat carcasses. I feel so claustrophobic that I try and keep the front door open just to let some light in and bring some space from outside in. (Except that it's raining gatos y perros out there today) Three more days. I can do this.

In the meantime, I've been serenading myself all morning/afternoon to this jem I didn't even know existed until I found it on Spotify:

Monday, January 9, 2012


Well, mostly can't stop listening since I'm usually working while listening but you get it. This is amaze balls. I'm totally addicted.