Monday, March 2, 2009

Top 10 Songs that remind Kybee of her Sissy

Hey bitches. It's the little sister now. You remember me, Ky-Ky, Little Howell, Kybee, whatever you call me. These are the top 10 songs that remind me of my big sister. Hang on to your beanie! I'm going to count down backwards.

#10 Piece of Shit Car-Adam Sandler. Heather's first car was a 1978 Honda Civic hatchback. We called it the pimp mobile. And don't even get it twisted, that's exactly what it was. We used to cruise all around Price (yeah it took us 10 minutes, what?) in this beauty. Here is a picture of what it looked like.

#9 Move Your Feet-Junior Senior. Heather and I used to go to Virgin Records and buy CD's. One day there was a free CD by the register and this song was number one. We jammed to this song like it was nobodies business. I now invite you all to do the same.

#8 Passenger-Deftones. White Pony is WAY my favorite Deftones album. Mostly because I remember hanging with my sister and the 02 crew and listening to it. We used to cruise in the Pimp Mobile (are we seeing a trend?) and I was always the passenger. So obviously when this song came on, I felt connected.

#7 Still Holding Out For You-SheDaisy. I used to beg my sister to let me sleep in her room with her. She used to listen to the most depressing shit when she fell asleep. There was at least 2 months where this song was constantly on repeat. Let go Heather, let go.

#6 Ape Dos Mil-GlassJaw. Heather was WAY at the concert that they filmed this video at. In fact, our friend Neil can be seen if you've got a watchful eye. GlassJaw in general reminds me of her and the song called "Hidden Track" for sure. She listened to that one on repeat as well. Fantastic band, fantastic songs.

#5 Vitamin-Incubus. As Heather said, we share our love for Incubus. She, Brandon Boyd and I will forever be intertwined. We were at Lollapalooza one year in the rain and he started playing this song on the bongo drums. With his shirt off. Did I mention in the rain? And we were stoned. Does it get better? No, it doesn't.

#4 Drinkin For 11-Mad Caddies. When Heather and I lived apart that was the hardest time in my whole life. She was my best friend and 2 hours felt like 20 days. This song always made me feel closer to her.

"I feel your presence and I can't let it go"

#3 SpottieOttieDopaliscious-Outkast. Yeah, ask me if I copied and pasted that title. One time, Heather and I smoked weed. We listened to this song. And it was good. And then I ate all of her bagels and cream cheese. Amen.

#2 Sleepwalker-Johnny and Santo. Heather has always told me that she wants this song played at her funeral. I will honor that as long as I'm not the first one to go : ) This song is just...ugh, go listen to it. Right now. Stop what you're doing. Go.

#1 Coheed and Cambria-Delirium Trigger. Heather took me to this concert for my birthday one year and we bought matching track jackets. We used to jam this shit like it was 1999. Whatchu know about this?

Alright since she made an exception for me, I must make an exception for her. So I am putting a number 11 on here.

#11 Homies-Lighter Shade of Brown. You don't know NOTHIN' 'bout this song. This song explains summer 1997. I don't even need to say anything about this song. Just push play, listen to this song, and remember the summer of 1997. My sister took me under her wing, and really honestly showed me what the definition of a homie is. Way.

Top 10 Songs That Remind Me of Kybee

Alright so this weeks little bloggy blog is going to be my top 10 songs that remind me of my favorite person in this whole wide world. No, not you. My sissy Kylee. "Wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it go.....weeeeheeeellllll."

#1- Minus the Bear- Pachuca Sunrise- L. O. V. E. this song. It's seriously so soothing. I'm taking Kylee to San Diego this summer and I'm going to make her listen to this while we are sitting on the beach with our adult beverages.

#2- Johnny Gill- Rub You The Right Way- HAHAHA. So she doesn't remember this song but I do. She was about two years old with her cute little hair cut jamming out like she was 25 ok? In her bitch boots no less. Cutest little girl ever.

#3- Incubus- Pardon Me- I borrowed this CD when I was in high school and this is probably when Kylee and I were at our closest. She would always want to sleep in my room with me so when we were going to sleep, I put this CD on. We both fell in love at the same time. Whenever I hear Incubus, she pops into my head.

#4- Petey Pablo- Raise Up- You probably were not aware of her gangster status but this is how she rolls.

#5- Melanie- Brand New Key- Maybe it's because she listened to this on repeat when we were little, I don't know.

#6- Amanda should appreciate this one: The Beatles-Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. It could have had something to do with the dark panelling and the bright orange lamp in the room but we sat and memorized this song while we were sleeping over at our grandparents house. I don't ever really like the Beatles (sorry Manda) but I'll forever think of her when I hear this song. Maybe if I would've done more acid? I don't know. Ha.

#7- Flight of the Conchords- Business Time (live version). Because two minutes is better than one minute in heaven. Kylee is so intense. Ha.

#8- Led Zeppelin- Fool In The Rain. One of my favorite childhood memories is listening to this song as loud as we could tolerate with my Mom and just dancing our asses off. We had so much fun dancing. I'm truly grateful, as I'm sure Kylee is, for the musical influence our Mom had on us. I can only hope I do the same for my kiddies.

#9- Deftones- Bored. We used to drive around in the Pimp Mobile jamming out to this. Yeah, we were THAT cool.

#10- Coheed and Cambria- Blood Red Summer. We went to this concert with each other and we had so much fun! Music has always been something that we've shared and I'm so lucky. Not just for that but for having her as a sister. :)

SO I know this is top 10 but we've got to make an exception because I forgot one. This song reminds me of her as well: