Sunday, March 20, 2011


You guys, these addictions need to stop! I can't do anything productive when all I do is wait for the next moment to listen to my Ipod! It's getting to be ri-goddamn-diculous. SXSW has been in full swing and let me tell you, I've learned that I'm not as old as I thought I was getting. I've spent every night (including school nights) out and about until all hours of the morning! Granted, I've clocked into work later than usual but it's totally worth it.

I highly suggest you head over to Itunes and download the FREE SXSW 2011 sampler. I'm not sure how long it's available for download but it's great. It's got everyone from The Civil Wars (who gives me the chills every damn time) to Foster the People to Black Joe Lewis. Did you see the whole part where I said it was free? Did you also see the part where I mentioned Foster the People? Oh, you don't know who they are?

Not only are they easy on the eyes, they are pretty talented kids!

Another band that I haven't been able to stop listening to is the Local Natives. (Thank you Jonny) I posted one of their songs last week but seriously, I am in love. They came out with their only album over a year ago and I really hope they have plans to put out more stuff.

Also, my dog bit a rockstar this week. I've never hidden the fact that he's a dick. In his defense, Eric was totally provoking him. Other than that, I've just been preparing for the big move her in a couple of weeks! Can't wait to post pictures of it once it's all put together.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pussy Control

I found a cat hair in my coffee this morning. Don't worry, I'm still drinking the cup. Lord only knows how much cat hair I've accidentally consumed. GAG! It reminded me of a Comedy Central special with Nick Kroll and the way he describes cats is priceless. I wanted to include the whole clip but could only find it broken up into two. Don't mind the quality of the second video.

This guy must've spent a lot of time with cats. I'm allergic to them so I've never really been around them until now. Cleaning up cat vomit, emptying litter boxes, and having a meal Rick Rolled by cat hair will soon be a thing of the past! Can't wait.

Now I'm off to watch the amazing choreography in Rick Astley's music video.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Handsome boy

Maybe I'm biased but I have the most handsome puppy in all the land. Amen.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet diiiisssppoosssiitttioooonnnnn.

Sweet disposition, much like sweet emotion.....only sweeter.

Well, good news! I filled out an application on a place that my heart has been set on for the greater part of a month and I must say, I CAN'T WAIT! It's only a studio but it will be perfect for what I need it for. I have already bought a few pieces to pull the place together and I absolutely cannot wait. I'm pretty excited to post pictures of it. I don't want to show you what I've purchased just yet because it may take a bit to pull all together. Think of it as my Christmas morning.

I will say how incredibly sad I am to leave my amazing roommate. It's still hard to believe how we've become instant and infinite friends. She really is someone I hope to have in my life forever. I have had such an incredible time living with Leslie. She truly is a one of a kind. Thank you Stef for introducing us. Just another reason why I owe you more than words can say. I just need to get out before I become the crazy cat lady.

I'm on week two of job number two and I must say it's sort of just that. Number two. I took the job thinking I'd meet some fun people to hang out with outside of work but the people there are either married, have kids, or are totally crusty. The only thing keeping me going is my work ethic. I have an amazing record and I don't want to be put on any "no rehire" list. Stupid pride. I guess the extra paycheck won't hurt either.

Speaking of stupid pride...I've been hanging out with a boy for a few months now and fought the urge to like him. He was everything I was trying to escape with Utah...being exactly that. Utah. How does one meet a boy from Utah in Austin you ask? Her ex. I didn't like him. At all. Up until my birthday. He was the perfect gentleman, charming, and won over every single one of my friends. (All 3 of them.) But alas, like every man that comes into my life, they exit. I'm not beat up by it. Just a little mystified. I'll be over it by weeks end. I really just don't get how you can leave without so much as a "good-bye", a "fuck you", a "peace out". Seems to be trending much like #winning these days.

But alas, I can't wait for the weeks to come. The butterflies are telling me it's going to be amazing.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Look at this f*@%ing hipster

If you don't know who The Sassy Gay Friend is, please YouTube him. Now. In an email conversation with Kylee, I was asking her for some advice on how to deal with a friend who has a serious obsession. This was her response.

"She needs a Sassy Gay Friend.

'This is kooks-de-luke*. She’s about to hop a flight and get the clap from disgusting musician Con Slayer*. This fate could have been avoided IF she had a sassy gay friend.'

SGF: 'What are you doing? What, what, what are you doing?'

KDL: 'Con Slayer* loves me, I know he does.'

SGF: 'So we exploit ourselves? EXPLOIT OURSELVES?!” He claimed to love Shmessica Schmimpson* too, did you revisit that gem in his closet?'

KDL: 'I have to go to him. I know he wants me.'

SGF: 'Sweetie, he fooled around with you in a seedy hotel room and he didn’t call you back. Then he had you physically removed from his presence. Are we seeing a pattern here?'

KDL: 'But sassy gay friend, how will I ever go on?'

SGF: 'You’re gonna smoke a bowl about it on your patio and MOVE ON! I can’t believe you wanted to be the inspiration for ‘Your Body Is A Wonderland’. You’re such a stupid bitch *into the camera* she’s a stupid bitch.'

*names have been changed to protect the identity of the crazy person, the musician, and the girl he supposedly loved.

Why she doesn't move here and complete my life is beyond me.